On today’s battlefields, actual high ground is irrelevant. Planes, UAVs, and gunships dominate the highest terrain there is. Because of this, the phrase “high ground” is now used to describe moral supremacy and superior intentions and enlightened achievement. But that’s dumb.

Rick Atkinson, while describing the 1942 North African battlefield in An Army at Dawn reminds us that high ground means something deeper: “in battle, topography is fate”.

Wars aren’t chess matches or even boxing. No two sides in history were ever evenly matched, neither in men, or resources, or organization, or geography. Battles are won by the side that gathers the most advantages to itself before the battle ever starts.

Topography is one of those advantages; so is speed; so is firepower; so is decentralized command and empowered subordinates. And nothing embodies this more than the concept of High Ground. Here in Philadelphia, our mission is to supply you with advantage on the battlefield, so that when you use High Ground gear, you know that you’ve gathered as many advantages that gear can avail you.

Deserve Victory. High Ground.