THRUST Ballistic Helmet (ACH/MICH Standard Cut)

SKU: HG-1001


The THRUST Ballistic Helmet (ACH/MICH Style) is a low profile compact helmet with minimum target area and weight. The THRUST is offered in a “standard cut” and “mid-cut” and provides Level IIIA ballistic protection when worn during tactical and military operations. It is manufactured from advanced aramid composites and provides superior protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles as well as other threats. The helmet comes equipped with a four point adjustable harness, suede covered chin strap and padded nape strap. The THRUST Standard Cut includes the Team Wendy® MILSPEC padding system.


  • Ballistic Protection: Level IIIA: NIJ-STD-0106.01
  • Fragmentation Protection: US MIL Frag: 2gr RCC: 4384 FPS, 4gr RCC: 3619 FPS, 16gr: 2690 FPS, 64gr: 1969 FPS, and 17gr V50: 2213 FPS
  • Size and Weight: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large-2.7LBS/1.22 KG
  • Colors: Standard Colors. Most other colors are available as well as our new “Hydro-Dip” process for other camouflage colors.
Additional Features / Specs: