OBSERVATION » ORIENTATION » DECISION » ACTION » a proven system for outthinking and defeating an adversary

OODASYS™ a new tactical gear design driven by the principles of the OODA Loop

HIGH GROUND™ with OODASYS™ inside! Focus on the enemy, not on your gear.

OODASYS™ – short for OODA Systems – is the premier product line of High Ground™.

The products in this line are designed using the philosophy developed by the late Col. John Boyd – an exceptional Air Force fighter pilot and military theorist who distilled 2,500 years of warfare into a system for creating battlefield advantages. That system is the OODA Loop and describes a continuously repeating process of Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action. These principles can be used at the strategic and operational level, but also at the tactical level. That’s where we come in.

For every OODASYS™ pouch that we create we research how the contents of that pouch are accessed, and how your eyes and hands must orient to retrieve and use those contents on the battlefield. If our product doesn’t keep your eyes on the enemy and facilitate faster battlefield actions than competitive solutions, we start over.

When you buy an OODASYS™ Product from High Ground™, you are buying patented quick-release, quick-access and innovative organization features unlike any other tactical gear product on the market today. Add this to the highest standards of quality and durability and you possess the ultimate in tactical gear advantages.

OODASYS™ is a totally unique design philosophy that propels you forward to make decisions faster than the enemy. Our products are made to improve your ability to observe your surroundings and speed up your action sequences. They keep your head up and your eyes on the enemy, not on your gear.