Packing for a training trip is complicated. Your mode of travel is always different, and when you unpack, your kit-bag becomes an IED – exploding gear everywhere. Deployment-packing is even harder. You have to take gear for every potential mission-set, but you have to fit it all inside one or two bags.

As soon as you arrive in your AOR, you invariably have to haul your crap across football field lengths of concrete and gravel. And before you even settle in to your surroundings, you are rooting through all your bags to find a headlamp.

Typical load out bags scream “military” but are designed to do little more than get around a civilian airport, but High Ground has developed travel systems that can negotiate a mountainside FOB without advertising their unique features to the general public.

The High Ground Deployment Load Out Bag sports multiple carrying options, including the Fattest, most durable, and most maneuverable Heavy-Load-Transport-Wheel on the market. Our Priority-Compartment-System will revolutionize how you organize and store your go-bag equipment so that it is always ready to grab and fight. Always. For all time. Amen.

The Tactical Advantage