Navigation & Patrolling

IEDs were intended to terrify you, to keep you under siege, off the roads and away from the civilians you had to protect. What the enemy did not expect was for you to go back to the basics, back to patrolling, back to a compass and a pacecount.

Insurgents accidentally turned vehicle-bound & video-game-trained American kids into confident, ground-pounding warfighters that understand the basics of navigation, military crests, bounding over-watches, choke points and terrain.

However, the market has offered many product solutions that are difficult to use while patrolling in the dark, that require two hands to manipulate, and that distract you from your threat areas.

High Ground Tactical Gear products correct these deficiencies by integrating a totally unique design philosophy that we call OODASYS (aka: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act System).

Using this process, we analyzed how you use navigation tools and designed products that made access to these tools a paramount priority. With these products, your tools can be accessed on the move and in the dark; they are easy to re-stow, and most importantly, they keep your head up and your eyes and ears focused on the threats around you.

The Tactical Advantage