Casualties create problems. Besides destroying your momentum, they force you to make hard choices. Win the fight? Or, deal with the down-man? The playbook says, unequivocally, to win the fight. But if you’ve been there, you know that the playbook is often a suggestion book. You’re the man in the arena and you know that every situation is different.

Some situations allow you to provide a measure of combat care while still addressing targets. However, the only way to accomplish both tasks well is by utilizing equipment that allows you to transition between your skill-sets quickly and efficiently – preserving your maneuverability and innate agility.

High Ground Tactical Gear Products are developed by using a unique process we call OODASYS that strives to maximize your ability to always evaluate your surroundings, transition between skill-sets, and decide. Fast.

Triage your patient. Triage your surroundings. Win the fight.

The Tactical Advantage