JTAC & Communications

We understand how hard it is to coordinate artillery, UAVs, and Aircraft in the middle of a firefight. We also know what it’s like to hold a GPS, a notebook and a SATCOM antenna instead of a gun while insurgents try to flank you. And we know that the only thing worse than this situation, is the moment your buddies start borrowing your extra bullets because you’ve been too busy to shoot them yourself.

If you’re a JTAC, TACP or Communicator, the last thing you need is tactical gear that takes your hands off your weapon and further reduces your trigger time.

High Ground Tactical Gear & Equipment is designed with two things in mind… keeping your eyes on the enemy & consolidating the number of hand motions required to locate, access, utilize and re-stow your JTAC tools that are critical to identifying the enemy and winning the fight.

Keep your focus on the enemy.

The Tactical Advantage